I have ciaravfoster@gmail & now I also have ciarafvega@gmail for the future 😬


After this semester I only have two psych courses left 🙌


What if all I want is Portofino’s 😬


Hello New York! So glad to be back! @ LaGuardia Airport LGA-United Airlines Central Terminal http://t.co/Dko0zwWghr


Hello New York! So glad to be back!  (at LaGuardia Airport LGA-United Airlines Central Terminal)

Hello New York! So glad to be back! (at LaGuardia Airport LGA-United Airlines Central Terminal)

"I’m Really Good At" it happened again #damnit http://t.co/qjH7Ge2UrN


Just realized my relationship ended on my parents’ anniversary


Switched the cities around in my twitter bio 😬


Hey New York who wants to buy me a drink?!


Hi 🗽 (@ LaGuardia Airport (LGA) in East Elmhurst, NY) https://t.co/JjI5mn6Ahq


Been listening to nothing but Ed Sheeran


Quick layover (@ General Mitchell International Airport (MKE) - @mitchellairport in Milwaukee, WI) https://t.co/Dce5QKvbxI


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What happened to Black Wall Street on June 1, 1921?

"Black Wall Street, the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious Whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving Black business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering – a model community destroyed and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused.

The night’s carnage left some 3,000* African Americans dead and over 600 successful businesses lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. As could have been expected, the impetus behind it all was the infamous Ku Klux Klan, working in consort with ranking city officials and many other sympathizers.

The best description of Black Wall Street, or Little Africa as it was also known, would be to compare it to a mini Beverly Hills. It was the golden door of the Black community during the early 1900s, and it proved that African Americans could create a successful infrastructure. That’s what Black Wall Street was all about.

The dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, sometimes taking a year for currency to leave the community. Now a dollar leaves the Black community in 15 minutes. As for resources, there were Ph.D.s residing in Little Africa, Black attorneys and doctors. One doctor was Dr. Berry, who owned the bus system. His average income was $500 a day, hefty pocket change in 1910…”

*Other sources state that the death toll was 300, thanks to those who pointed that out. However, whether 300 or 3,000—the destruction and lasting effects are no less devastating. And, really, accurate records weren’t kept, so we’ll never know the actual number of casualties.

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The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

I have done this and can confirm that is a LOT of fun to watch them implode afterward.

Bonus points: Tell them you think it’s cute when they get so angry. 

Extra credit: Tell them to “calm down.”

I know how u fat shamers feel but hey wicked bonus no one wants to sit next to me on a plane if they can help it #checkmate